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Due to his slight mental instability, unkempt appearance, and obsession with killing goblins, many are wary of interacting with Goblin Slayer. At the same time, Goblin Slayer is respected by those who know the true danger of goblins and has been even called a hero among the frontier for his actions against goblins and how he has protected many villages from them. Goblin Slayer deeply loved and respected his elder sister, saying that she never failed at anything. Witnessing her torture and death greatly affected his psyche, haunting him to this day. Priestess is the first party member of Goblin Slayer to work alongside him.
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Goblin Slayer/Relationships

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Goblin Slayer/Relationships | Goblin Slayer Wiki | Fandom

Goblin Slayer is a strange show on several fronts, mainly that none of the characters have any names. They are all called by what it is they do, such as Goblin Slayer or Priestess. It's a strange method to use, but one that works with it being a blatant telling of a tabletop game, something the characters even reference. One of these characters is the Sword Maiden, a character with a past that slowly gets revealed during the series.
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Sword Maiden is a very beautiful woman with floor-length blonde hair and pale blue eyes that are often covered with by a black blindfold, along with a voluptuous body. She wears white robes with blue outlines and a golden decoration around her hip. Her body is covered in several faint white lines that have all mostly healed by the time the events of the story takes place. However, her eyes have healed to a lesser extent. Sword Maiden is a calm and compassionate woman who doesn't normally get upset with others.
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